The Role of Intelligence in Maximising Security Capability

October 19, 2017 2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

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Jeff Corkill

The purpose of intelligence is to enable decision makers to make optimised decisions in the context of threat posed and resources available to counter or combat that threat. A security intelligence capability exploits the universe of relevant information in order to tap into internal and external information streams and repositories. Information gained is integrated and analysed in order to develop specific products (intelligence) to support security decision makers at all levels, from a surveillance operator, to patrolman through to general managers.

As many organisations move towards integrated management and security systems the belief is system integration enables better decision making because all the relevant information is being captured. However, just how integrated is the information universe in which the organisation operates? Information is messy, it resides in all manner of locations many of which are external to the sophisticated technical systems relied on to provide situational awareness. Security intelligence is the function that creates order out of the information jungle and allows security to add value to the business.