Intelligent Technology & Behaviour Detection

October 17, 2019 11:15 am - 12:00 pm

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Stephen Brass

A.I. Technology is a tool for appropriately trained staff to improve Security, Safety and Productivity

A presentation that clearly defines the capability differences between people and Intelligent Technologies. The presentation illustrates why both mediums are required to provide effective Security and Safety Management.

Behaviour Detection

Behaviour Detection Training provides staff with essential skills & techniques:

  • the science of suspicious behaviour.
  • influencing your environment to expose suspicious behaviour.
  • how to apply a unique threshold test to identify suspicious activity.

The presentation provides a brief overview of BTAQ behaviour detection techniques that dramatically improve operational effectiveness.

Facial Recognition

The presentation illustrates how impossible it is for a human to identify people. Test yourself during the presentation and see if your observation skills are as good as technology.

Intelligent Tech

A.I. and Deep Learning technologies can improve operational effectiveness significantly. Predictive Intelligence is designed to Identify Threats and Risks BEFORE they eventuate.


We illustrate how people & Technology working together significantly impact operational Safety & Security resulting in the EARLY DETECTION of Threats and Risk.